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Baking is what we do best,
Try a truffle, you’ll be impressed.
Vanilla, spices, and some flour,
We’ll be busy for many hours.
We cook with no excuse at all,
homemade goods, beats the mall.

You see chocolate, oreos, and cream cheese,
We see a way to make truffles with ease.
Yeast, flour, water, We turn to dough,
a loaf of bread to you we bestow.
Any excuse we can find at all,
We’ll make a cake six inches tall.

To baking very few things compare,
especially that aroma filling the air.
Chocolate-Coconut-Toffee Delight,
Fudge gets made in the middle of the night.
Any excuse we can find at all,
need a snack, give us call.

By Anonymous

A Lovely Poem that explains it all.